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Re: Danish tennis

Mai Grage won the Danish Grand Prix Masters again in 2013!

Photo from


Pool A
Mai Grage (KB) d. Malene Stripp (Birkerød) 75 62
Julie Noe (KB) d. Ulrikke Høyer (KB) 16 61 64
Mai Grage (KB) d. Ulrikke Høyer (KB) 63 62
Julie Noe (KB) d. Malene Stripp (Birkerød) 62 62
Ulrikke Høyer (KB) d. Malene Stripp (Birkerød) 75 63
Mai Grage (KB) d. Julie Noe (KB) 62 75

Pool B
Maria Jespersen (Gentofte) d. Frederikke Støchkel (Holte) 63 64
Emilie Elsvad (KB) d. Emma Håkansson (HIK) 64 64
Maria Jespersen (Gentofte) d. Emma Håkansson (HIK) 61 61
Emilie Elsvad (KB) d. Frederikke Støchkel (Holte) 63 64
Frederikke Støchkel (Holte) d. Emma Håkansson (HIK) 63 26 62
Maria Jespersen (Gentofte) d. Emilie Elsvad (KB) 60 62

Mai Grage (KB) d. Emilie Elsvad (KB) 62 60
Maria Jespersen (Gentofte) d. Julie Noe (KB) 75 62

Mai Grage (KB) d. Maria Jespersen (Gentofte) 64 63

Karen Barbat did qualify for the masters but chose to play Team tennis in Sweden instead. Emilie Francati only played three of the 9 tournaments in the GP series but won one of those and was RU at another tournament. She also qualified for the Masters - as did Anna Signe Rasmussen. I don't know why they skipped it. Therefore the level at the 2013 Masters was a bit sub par compared to the last couple of years. Well done by Mai
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