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Re: The Sofa: for off topic chat.

Originally Posted by Play_Suspended View Post
Oh I get why there aren't any, I was just moaning about it Most pics don't come from the paparazzi (apart from the top few players), instead players post their own pics online. Laura definitely has a pretty well controlled 'good girl' image and wouldn't post those kind of pics herself. I'm not saying that isn't a good idea, once you go down that line you can open a whole new can of worms that you may regret. I was just commenting from a purely selfish point of view that I would be quite interested in seeing some of those pics Madison, Puig, Sloane, Donna and Genie have all made appearances and IMO Laura's hotter than all of them (though many may disagree with that )

Oh and if you want a good laugh (or something to put you off your lunch) this was linked to on a Murray forum the other day, I cringed so hard I think I'm still cringing now, god fanfics are awful
I don't disagree about her looks. Most fanfics are bad, but harmless (and besides, it's a creative outlet for people who want to write. Let them write crap they'll be ashamed of in a few years). Since this involves real people rather than characters it's probably less gloriously bad, and more creepy. I'm going in...

Originally Posted by Royals. View Post
Bikini? Close enough... I guess. She's wearing one underneath I think?

She's wearing a bikini top... underneath a t-shirt and shorts. It counts though, I suppose.

Originally Posted by boggoTHEgoat View Post
Laura's never been pictured in a bikini and i've never seen her in a skimpy outfit either. KeysisGoat is probably right about it being an image thing but doesn't she wear a crucifix around her neck? Could be something to do so with her religous beliefs and upbringing, unless of course it's just a fashionable piece of jewellery.
It could very well be a religious thing. I don't know enough about Laura's beliefs to comment.
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