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Re: The Sofa: for off topic chat.

Originally Posted by Play_Suspended View Post
Why, why, why is Laura about the only player never seen in a bikini? Just been flicking through the thread in GM and getting jealous of basically every other player being there. Needs correcting.
She's English, there's not many chances to be photographed in a bikini here. Either she's training, the weather's not good enough to even consider wearing a bikini (unless you're someone like me who doesn't feel the cold) or she's somewhere else in the world where there's more famous people for the paparazzi to stalk photograph. Also, Laura strikes me as someone who's very good at controlling her image. Right now she's being depicted as the hard working (one day off a week), innocent (never had a boyfriend) teenage princess. Bikinis don't fit that image. Or to put it another way, when Miley Cyrus was on the Disney Channel, she wasn't twerking with Robin Thicke. Same logic applies here.

Also, what are you jealous of? Do we really need more posters/idiots (why am I pretending there's even a difference*?) drooling over her and only watching her matches because of her looks? *He says to the PhD student.

Originally Posted by Royals. View Post
The Slut Slayer doesn't wear bikinis!

PS - Some said on twitter that Laura moved in with Jamie Hampton.

I know they watched a movie together... but thought that was it.
It could be that they're sharing a house temporarily while Laura's in Florida. Gotta be an improvement on a lonely hotel room after a long, hard day. But then, being punched in the face would be a step up in my books.
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