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Hi Andy, I think I should have renamed this thread into "how good was Austin in her best years, the years she was a top-player". Would you accept it then?

As for the number 1 of the "real rankings", it's not quite right what you say. Austin was the number one longer than Evert or Navratilova in 1980 and she was ahead of Navratilova throughout 1981, so a clear dominance cannot be seen here. Also, as I said above, I didn't take the real rankings (as you didn't take them to make your own rankings, cause what is the point of doing new rankings when you use old ones. It's if I'd say, Andrea Jaeger was number 4 in the world in 81, there had to be a reason for this so it doesn't make sense calculating this whole thing over and put her on six). You see what I mean?

btw here are the rankings year by year according to the statistics:

1979: 1. Navratilova, 2. Austin, 3. Evert
1980: 1. Evert, 2. Austin, 3. Navratilova
1981: 1. Austin, 2. Evert, 3. Navratilova

I was surprised myself about the 1979 outcome, but Austin's head2head, match-winning-percentage and consistency (Evert lost 4 times before the semis!) was better than Evert's.

1981 was closer than I had thought, Austin's 4 pre-semi losses almost spoilt it.

If you add up the rankings for each year, it's the same result for that period 1979 to 1981:
1. Austin,
2. Evert,
3. Navratilova.
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