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Robert1, I feel like I'm watching the prequel to "1990-93 Monica Seles was the Best" movie and prequels are, invariably, pitifully pale imitations of the "orginals".

Why 79-81? If you added in 78 or 82, in both of which years Tracy was playing, or even half of each of those years, all the stats and all the placings would change dramatically. I could compose a set of stats for 78-80 and 81-93 to arrive at a completely different conclusion. Tracy would be out of the equation both times. She was not the #1 player in 79, she was not the #1 player in 80 and she was not the best player (imo, though I respect the view held by some that she deserved the top spot) in 81. She held the number one spot for a few weeks in 1980, granted, and was even seeded #1 at the US Open in 1980, but was second or third-ranked for most of that period, and not without reason.

Sorry, but I don't see the value of this exercise.

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