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Originally Posted by Robert1
Comparing the results of the 3 top players in those 3 years (Austin, Evert, Navratilova):

1. Tournament wins:
1. Austin (23 out of 49 = 46.9%),
2. Evert (22/47=46.8%),
3. Navratilova (29/64=45.3%)

2. On 17 occassions the 3 played the same event.
1. Navratilova had the best result 6 times (out of those 17), 2nd best 8 times.
2. Austin was the best 6 times, 2nd best 4 times.
3. Evert was the best 5 times, 2nd best 5 times.

3. Major tournaments: Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Australian Open, Avon Championships, Toyota Championships.
1. Austin won 5 (out of 12),
2. Navratilova 5 (of 15),
3. Evert 4 (of 14).

4. Matchrecord:
1. Evert 220:24 (90.2%),
2. Austin 212:24 (89.8%),
3. Navratilova 257:35 (88%).

5. Head-to-Head:
1. Austin (9:9 vs. Navratilova, 9:3 vs. Evert),
2. Navratilova (8:6 vs. Evert),
3. Evert

6. Consistency:
1. Evert (lost 5 times before the semis in 47 tourneys),
2. Navratilova (lost 7 times before the semis in 64),
3. Austin (lost 9 times before the semis in 49).
All of them lost twice before the semis at a major.

I thought these were the most important categories. Any other suggestions?

Austin leads in 3 of them, being last only once: 4 quarterfinal losses in 1981 spoiled her constency record. Altogether she's a quite clear number one.

It's close between Navratilova and Evert, Evert leads in 2 out of those 6 categories (Navratilova only once), but Evert played more tournaments when neither Navratilova nor Austin were around hence her better match- and constitency record. Still, Evert won Wimbledon 81 and US Open 80, the 2 biggest events, Navratilova only Wimbledon 79, so I'd give Evert a (close) number 2 spot.

Some very interesting stats within your chosen timeframe, Robert1. As you can imagine a few things come to mind but I'll need a bit of time to formulate them properly.

You are a brave man, risking the wrath of the massed armies of the wicked witches of the East (Navratilova) and West (Evert) plus their faithful black cat, Pamela Howard Shriver, in promoting that pinafored upstart little pipsqueak. Brace yourself

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