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Re: Mirjana's fall 2013 campaign

So much for optimistic predictions. Lucic OUT of both Barnstaple and the Florida $50K at Captiva Island.

Done for the year, apparently, and also "finished" are her hopes for a Top 100 finish and a guaranteed MD berth at the OZ Open.

She'll lose about 60 points and tumble down to around 110 or 111, perhaps.

So unfortunate. Her luck is up and down. Aside from a fine prize-money and rankings boost from doubles play, as well as a doubles circuit title and Wimbledon doubles QF, her year has seen greatly improved tennis, I believe, but her results have been unremarkable, maybe because she has concentrated almost entirely on WTA events, which needs to be taken into account. She hasn't gotten anywhere, but she hasn't fallen, either. For so many WTA level events, it's not as bad as it looks. Also, it's now four consecutive years she has maintained that 106-120 rating.

Again, considering how wildly so many of her peers have fluctuated in the last four years, Miki's "consistency" as a Bubbling Under the Hot 100 player has been remarkable.

So many chances again this year for her to have broken through and made a solid leap in the rankings. Had she won against Lisicki in Birmjngham, or Navarro at Wimbledon or Vickery at the US Open (worst loss ever for her) and avoided the misfortune of injury at the end of the season, her story would be different. I mention Vickery as being the worst loss because this was a girl who never before won even a tour-level match, the draw was unbelievable for Miki, and Vickery hasn't done squat since. Whatever happened to Miki that day, it cost her a lot.

(She has much to be very proud of, though, having earned well over a quarter of a million bucks this year )

Mainly glad she got that Joues-les-Tours title, though. It was well-deserved and long overdue. She's leaving Europe with a singles champion trophy for Christmas. She really tried to put a big finish on the year. Her body just wasn't having it. She deserves lots of credit for trying.

Where she goes from here ... Hard to say. Maybe Prpic can help her overcome the mental difficulties in 2014, but a big key was building off of the Joes-Les-Tours win. Now it's back to the drawing board.

If she falls into the 150-180 range next year, she ought to hang it up.

On the other hand, she has a much better chance for earning points by playing Oz Open quallies.

See y'all next year and Happy Holidays ... whatever your holidays might be.

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