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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Should post this in the main thread, but I might forget to unsuscribe again...and then I'll come back home and see 5 or 6 posts in my email inbox from the Pull-string Doll crowd(i.e., 80% of the Caro forum), regurgitating the same posts they've made 200 times before: Caro still hasn't made enough significant strides to reach the top; she wasted too much time with Rory; she's not mentally strong enough to beat the top players; time is passing her by because there are lots of young, up-and-coming players.....blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum...and then the hypocrites bitch and whine at ME for occasionally putting down other players. More abysmal logic that results from the humanist education apocalypse

We only have about 40 more posts to close this thread, after which The Collective may start their own new one or just do away with off topic altogether. Would like to congratulate Caroline, though. Yeah, it's not a Premier, but Caro at least beat a Slam finalist en route to winning a reasonably-credible International title, and now she heads to Istanbul. If I understand the Istanbul vis-a-vis Sofia rules correctly, Caro would be ineligible for Sofia if one of the top 8 withdrew NOW and, thus, placed Caro in the MD for Istanbul. However, if she merely fills in for someone AFTER the matches have already begun, then she may play the MM YEC...though why WOULD she, really?

To be fair, Sofia is a bit more credible than Bali was, where it appeared that they customized the event for a certain player who's virtually incapable of winning more than 3 matches in a row, no matter how easy the draw is. To me, an 8-player, single-elimination field is more of an exhibition than a tournament, and bringing back the RR format has earned Sofia more respect than the Bali joke deserved.

In NFL news, I don't like Denver's chances of going undefeated; their defense is too shaky for that. It would be the shock of the century if KC went 16-0. From the other side, Jacksonville has played with a lot of heart recently, so I think that they'll find a way to pull out at least one win. It's virtually impossible to go 0-16, and what allowed the Lions(can't recall if it was 2007 or '09) to do that was the fact that they tended to quit whenever they fell they were terribly coached and had poor discipline. None of the other current winless teams are nearly pitiful enough to finish 0-16........Oh, and have a nice week, everyone
God, you're not kidding with the reoccurring posts. I haven't posted recently cuz it's like what else do I have to say about Caro? Everything that can possibly have been said has been said... 10 times over .

About the NFL: I agree with you about Denver. Their defense isn't that good. I wouldn't even be surprised if Indy beat them tonight. However, I disagree about Jax. They're pathetic! They can't score more than 10 points a game and their defense isn't that great either. If anyone can go 0-16, it's Jax.

About Caro, any wild and crazy guesses about who her new coach will be (if any)? If I had to take a shot in the dark, I would say Michael Mortensen.
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