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Re: Beyond Two Souls - anyone playing this game?

Originally Posted by Frederik View Post
I finished the game and I thought it was great.

Don't let game reviewers stop you from buying a game The average user review score is actually a lot higher than the 73 for Beyond on Metacritic. I would give this game an 8.5/10.

The thing is. People scream for innovation and different games but at the same time they continue buying Call of Duty (and reviewers continue praising this piece of shit) without giving different games like Heavy Rain or Beyond a chance.

Not that it really matters all that much but the graphics are absolutely phenomenal in this game. I have no idea how Quantic Dream managed to do that on almost 10 year old hardware.
I never do and I always check a wide selection of reviews. The gaming community needs to start giving reviews a little more credit rather than shitting on them because they gave a bad review to a game they like. Remember these are peoples actual jobs not some hobby. Giving a bad review for the lulz doesn't fly in a professional environment.

You are right the gaming market is full of FPS. Traditionally they were never my cup of tea but fairly recently I've been getting into them and they are actually very fun. There are innovative games out there that get great reviews but don't sell well. Then the cry for innovation gets crushed and they give us more COD because that's what sells. I think the demand for games like HR and B2S needs to be there before companies start taking more chances. Gaming companies are out to make a profit just like Hollywood that's why we get sequel after sequel.

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