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Re: OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! - Asian Hardcourt Swing Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by BodyElectric. View Post
I agree with the bold, he does seem to be pretty useless. She needs someone strict but definitely not a Krajan type of coach. His tactics on how to coach were ridiculous. He wore Laura down completely and it showed in her matches. During the March-May period.

She needs someone strict and someone that is willing to seperate work from play. It seems Miles has trouble until citing rules onto Laura. That shouldn't be in the case, Laura seems the one who dictates imo. He can't let that happen.

I think a female who has a load of experience in tennis would be best for her. The emotional connection would probably be better too.

Genie Bouchard has Nathalie Tauziat and she's been excellent. She seems to understand Genie on an emotional level but when it comes to inflicting rules she's doesn't mess around either.

There needs to be a balance, Krajan didn't have that and it seems Miles doesn't either.
Laura strikes me as someone who needs both the carrot and the stick, so to speak. She needs someone who will make her work hard, but also makes doing so rewarding. Krajan made her work but to the point where she'd have burned out very quickly if she kept with him, too much stick not enough carrot. Miles seems to get on with her well and she seems to like him but Laura's stagnated under him, too much carrot, not enough stick. I don't know who would be able to strike a good balance. Maybe a retired female would be better (since they've been in her shoes and know what she needs to do). It's tough, for us and everyone involved but eventually something's got to change for her to achieve her potential. Whether that something comes from inside Laura or outside I don't know.

Although... she probably only practiced for 20 mins as she was feeling pretty ill.
Gotta be honest, when it's tough to breathe it's not easy to do anything. Practicing more than that probably wouldn't have been beneficial if Laura's got another chest infection.

You say she's fatter than before? She looks fitter physically to me. Dejan Vojnovic seems to have helped getting her fitter physically.
Eh I'd advise not touching that one with a barge pole. How fat/fit/whatever someone looks depends on a hell of a lot of things, rather than just weight/bodyfat percentage. See Laura in unflattering clothes and she'll look worse than she is, especially if reading more into the situation without knowing all of the information.
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