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Re: OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! - Asian Hardcourt Swing Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by Play_Suspended View Post
Umm anyone hear that stuff in commentary about her having chronic bronchitis? Apparently Annie K mentioned it on BTsport. Would expalin her chest infections earlier in the year and would not be good news...
The chronic bronchitis would be the chest infections she's apparently having issues with again. -itis is a fairly meaningless suffix that can be attached to any body part to give a reassuring diagnosis. It's well defined, but much like 'benign' in a medical context, it's not very meaningful. It just means inflammation of said body part. Her bout from earlier in the year mentioned her dealing with them since the Olympics and had it until march so she does meet the diagnostic criteria for having chronic bronchitis. It would be unusual for her to have it though, since it's usually a disease affecting smokers and coal miners, it's possible that Anne (who is not a doctor, after all) used the term wrongly, which would be my guess. The frequency and duration of her chest infection does indicate there's an underlying condition there though. Beijing's... well known air quality issues could certainly cause an acute exacerbation if she does indeed have chronic bronchititis.

If Annie was correct, and Laura's got chronic bronchitis, there's no cure and it's something she'd have to work around like Petra and her asthma and (less closely related) Venus and her Sjoren's.

Originally Posted by BodyElectric. View Post
They have a 1-1 H2H.

It will be tricky but a match she is capable of winning. A surprise tournament run would be the perfect finish to the season...
It really does depend on how Laura's feeling and playing though. If she's on top form, Kimiko will struggle. But if she's sloppy, she'll let Kimiko into the points and be run ragged. It'll be an interesting match, I think.

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