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Originally Posted by Kirt12255
LMAO!!!!! That's why I do it.....seeing them scramble to get back for the lob...I always remember doing it heaps to an overweight kid that had a huge serve....I did it so often.....I lobbed him and the look on his face was priceless...he got it back once and I was laughing so hard I couldn't volley LMAO. If you have ever seen Jumanji with that Rhino that puffs as it follows at the back of the pack? It was so like that LMAO .....what can I say I was a cruel kid
LOL, my dadz a bit like that fat kid, but the look on his face is ! he thinks hes sooo good, when really hes a pile of donkey bollucks.

Oh, my dropshot use to be good, but now it (along with my volleys) is the weakest part of my game. The only time I can hit a decent drop shot is when the ball is in one of the service box's. My disguise is good though. (I think)

Women's tennis sucks.

Go Rafa.

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