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Re: Patty Schnyder and Rainer Hoffmann separated.

Translated from a fairly new story in the Basler Zeitung (Basel's main newspaper).

....Above all, we don't believe a word he says. Rainer Hofmann has often been proven in the past a charlatan, liar and a poser. There is no reason to suddenly trust him.

Two years have now gone by since we had anything to do with him. For a story about the sports museum exhibits, we contacted Patty Schnyder, as they had told the museum that a smashed tennis racquet is available, and we wanted to know more about it. But instead of the former WTA Number 7, we suddenly had her former husband Rainer Hofmann on the phone.

They no longer wanted to talk to the media, he said. By himself, he began to invent stories about Schnyder's biography that he said would present at the Frankfurt Book Fair. This will be a [BOMBSHELL] he said. In Frankfurt, however, nobody knew anything from such an event.

It was not the only inconsistency in this matter. It quickly became clear: There is no book coming on the market. After the publication of the article in which Hofmann understandably came off badly, he sent his counsel Thomas Furstenberg action against the BaZ: "Unfortunately, our references to the fictitious report of you and fictitious quotes were not observed. Also, I will still press charges, because what has made your house is criminal. Thomas Furstenberg, management Patty Schnyder. "

But This Thomas Furstenberg does not exist, he is an invention of Rainer Hofmann. This is also the reason why it is not just Furstenberg who phoned our web editors, but Hofmann himself. First he threatened the duty editor that he'd sue BaZ for tens of thousands, if the online item was not immediately removed. He dubbed the Duty Editor who did not respond to this request as a "little fucker".

Full article:

(Herr Hofmann used to have real lawyers threaten lawsuits, now the lawyers are fake too).
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