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Re: Patty Schnyder and Rainer Hoffmann separated.

Originally Posted by CrossCourt~Rally View Post

Only the poster JR knows the real truth
Vogus probably keeps up with this saga too, too, but he doesn't post here anymore; also Raquel and Switz to some extent. Anyhow, they didn't own a horse ranch as in having equity in it, this was just another case of the Career Conman "buying" something on credit, 2B paid back if the scheme worked.

And the tennis writers know, except a Bud Collins who was in Deep De-Nile in an interview with PP last decade; the others often quoted here were never fooled by Herr Hofmann. My own main contribution was preventing him from getting "a new cash machine" in the WTA ranks. (He did briefly coach Oprandi in the 00's).

The only mitigating factor is that if the Peppermint Parents hadn't hired this scumbag to rescue the Cuckoo Clock from Rainer I (Herr Harnecker) her next stop would have likely been Scientology or some other exploitative group. I wish her well now that they split, as PP was just "a racquet in Hoffy's evil hands".
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