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Re: OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! - Asian Hardcourt Swing Cheering Thread

All I'm saying is that you're acting like Laura has had some sort of horrific year and made no progress, when that just isn't true. That she reached a career high ranking is indicative of progress in itself. I refuse to look at only the negatives, as you all seem to be doing, and further to that, temper my immediate expectations. Health willing, she has got plenty of time left to achieve what we want her to achieve.

As for bringing more intensity to slams than the rest of the tour... well dur. Most players do. Sloane is lauded as the leader of the next generation, and that's essentially her modus operandi. I'm entirely confident that an improvement in this attitude will come with age and maturity. I don't care if you don't like me mentioning her age, because it is extremely relevant - she has plenty of time to mature in the way you want her to, and I refuse to condemn her for not yet being the finished product.

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