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Originally Posted by AnnieIWillKnow View Post
She's 19. It's ridiculous to be nay-saying at this stage in her career, panicking that Bouchard is going to be ranked higher than her. Whether or not she was fortunate to be seeded at a slam doesn't matter - she still had to earn the points, and it's *still* a milestone. Imagine her coach saying that? "Oh yeah that doesn't count Laura because a couple of people withdrew" - give me a break.

Anyway, you can say that she was only seeded because of her strong end to last year, but she wasn't seeded for the other slams this year. She still had to earn the extra points throughout the year, and even if Clijsters and Li are better wins than her wins this year (Clijsters no, Li yes), she's still added to her collection of scalps.

I don't think Laura is ever going to be consistent in the way Azarenka is. I see her more as a Kvitova - she has the game to win slams, but can also be atrocious. And if she ever wins a slam, she'll be an extraordinarily successful tennis player.
Stop using the 19 card. It's ridiculous. Laura's not a newcomer to anything anymore.

Genie and Keys have both overtaken her, which unlike Laura they seem to perform well outside of the slams too. They're both much stronger mentally too. Laura only seems to shows grit and determination when she plays a top player. She panicks loses focus when she's the favorite. She doesn't relish in the fact that "I'm ranked higher than you, so I'm gonna show you why" that's what's gonna hold her back. Mentally she's just not up there like the other girls.

Will be interesting to see how she responds in Beijing. That's if she cares..

It's a new art form showing people how little we care.
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