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Re: OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! - Asian Hardcourt Swing Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by Dawson. View Post
But that seeding was largely based on her results from the end of last year. Without those points, she's out of the top 50. And are her wins over Kvitova and Kirilenko this year more impressive than her wins over Clijsters and Li last year? I don't think so.
Exactly my thoughts, she collected a bulk of points last year which enabled her to remain around the Top 50/40 mark and the seeding was mainly due to Bartoli's retirement and Sharapova withdrawing.. she just hung on to it.

The slumping period was acceptable as she was just finding form. But now? There's no excuse.

As I said before all those losses should have gave her a wake up call and it's made no difference. She's back to where she was again earlier this year. Morita was on a losing streak and this was her first match back since New Haven. If Laura had great court mentality she would make Morita stay out there longer, not sulk and give the match away so easily. (second set)

She needs to change her attitude on court first of all. The more she sulks and moans, the better for her opponent. She's had periods of progression throughout the summer but she should be playing good tennis right now. Use all those losses as experience, but Laura doesn't seem the type to learn from her mistakes.

Maybe when Genie overtakes her in the rankings she may care. She's got a WC into Osaka too. Not sure if that'll make a difference though.

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