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Re: OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! - Asian Hardcourt Swing Cheering Thread

Laura is nearly 20 years old and the way she is playing, she won't hang on to the 'highest ranked teenager' until her birthday. She has 1 minor WTA final to her name and not a single tournament win. Ignoring the exceptional top girls such as Serena & Maria who won big tournaments as young teenagers, even the second rank players like Wozniaki, Ivanovic & Safina (remember her?) were way ahead of Laura in WTA performances at 20 (ish).

Obviously to make it past the QF of a slam Laura needs to make major improvements all round but for the relatively minor tournaments such as Guangzhou (especially with such a weak entry this year), Laura's best or nearly best game should be good enough to win. Unfortunately, to win even a minor tournament you have to play good tennis for 5 matches in a row and Laura can't even manage 4 good performances in a row, hence my assertion a while ago that Laura never seems to play well and lose. Against the top players you can be forgiven for appearing to play badly because they will be dominating and tear your game apart but Laura even manages to play badly against opponents ranked 50 - 100 places below her.

A worrying trend to appear is that when Laura plays someone for the second time, they seem to do better, win more easily or reverse an earlier defeat. Having been surprised by Laura's type of game in the first meeting, they (or the coach) spot Laura's weaknesses and play on them from the start. Even matches when Laura's game seems to disintegrate after a good start could be due not to Laura suddenly being unable to hit the ball in the centre of the racquet but the opponent making her play more of the shots she is poor at, such as wide down the wings.

As well as a get out of gaol (jail) shot when stretched, she needs to develop some high percentage and low risk defence to work her way back into the rallies when under pressure. Without this, no matter how much she practices her attacking shots, decent opponents will always find a way to work the ball onto her areas of weakness.
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