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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by James_Hingis View Post
Caro oh Caro, she puts more time dating Rory… We all know that if we don’t put any dedication with what you do; you will never achieve what you are aiming for especially when it comes to tennis. It requires 101% hard work and commitment. I truly love Caro because basically I support the underdogs and players being underestimated by the media. But as the matches goes by I lose my desire and hope for her. Now, I am more interested of the oldies (Li Na, Penetta, Hantuchova) they are such a good role model. They always strive so hard to improve. Unlike Caro…she’s busier with her love life and so COMPLACENT WITH HER VERY POOR FORM. VERY POOR.. SOOOO POOR…UNDENIABLY POOR GAME…I am starting to believe the bashers and critics of Caro…She will never win a Grand Slam.
I never took it for granted that she would win a slam even when she was #1. But you seem to think that she's not even trying or working hard. Just look a her body. She's in great shape. You don't get too look like that if you don't put in the work. And if you can root for Penetta and Hantuchova you can also root for Caro because I don't think it's very likely that they will win a slam either. As for her dating Rory, well, she's a young woman and she's in love. Nothing wrong with that. If she was dating Rory Smith instead of Rory McIllroy nobody would have a problem with it.

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