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I think there is some misinformation here. Why not check out the GLTA schedule and web page to get a better understanding of what the organisation is about. Far from being exclusory or separatist you will find people of all ages, sizes , abilities and race at these events. Non gay people are welcome. Discriminatory attitudes are not... There are over 60 tournaments world wide. They are social sporting events usually held over 3 days. Some events are quite expensive because they are held indoors or at incredible / iconic venues. Other events are less than $60 dollars and include breakfast, a goodie bag , local hosted accommodation and 3 days tennis. What a great way to see the world meet new people and enjoy tennis.

What some people forget is that in three quarters of the world, gay and lesbians continue to be severly discriminated against or even worse are at risk of violence. Recent GLTA tennis events in former communist countries do a great service to local gay communities. If everything is really so great in the world of tennis, where are the out gay male players on the professional circuit? Even if local tennis clubs globally opened their arms to LGBT participants, is it really so worrying that volunteers in 60 cities from Sydney to Palm Springs and Katowice to Bangkok stage these events.

In a world where a sense of genuine community and coming together face to face with like minded people is increasingly difficult, why would anybody criticise these events that reach across metaphorical and geographical borders. GLTA events may not be everybody 's idea of fun, but that's OK. But for some people who have experienced prejudice , bullying, exclusion these events have been life changing. When Young people are still committing suicide because they believe being gay is so shameful, please don't expect everybody to have the confidence to be Out at their local tennis events. And I am sure the old chestnut of sexuality has nothing to do with tennis will be mentioned. So, if I win a tournament I would like it to be OK for my partner ( boyfriend) to be able to give me a hug or hold my hand... I just can't do that at my local club. You certainly wouldn't be able to do it in Russia! Yep, people come from Russia to play these events.

Moreover, 10000 participants every year say these events are popular. I would recommend anybody to try an event and see what a welcome they get.
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