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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

private place is expensive, I want to get a place in those government-owned "temples" when they are cheaper. We got 3 "lucky draws" within 2 years in order to get in. Yesterday was his 1st year anniversay since he died and also the 2nd time of draw, however he still did not get in, you know I never get any good lucks, now i am not sure whether to wait for the next draw or buy him a private one

hahahaha, that bastard even did not support my mum's livings after my dad has died (even before that, it was a very very small amount which is only enough for her to eat ONE meal per day ),so how would he helped? He did not offer any help during the time when my dad died . We did make him contrinute a small amount which is supposed to be used if we cannot get in government's "temples"

happy that you finallly reached that place

i read that Nolle has returned to his normal self, I hope Murray can take care of him, i cannot stand a runner up plate

don't be sad abhout Roger, he has nothing more to prove

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

Ennis and Jack found something most people don't ever find in this life...true love, the deepest, purest, most beautiful thing in the universes. Ennis and Jack have TRUE LOVE. They are SOULMATES. They have a love so deep, so pure, so strong, that it transcends everything, it's eternal.
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