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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
msut be my cold-blooded brother and his evil wife . My mum said it is my father's ghost coz his ashes are still waiting to be settled (am working on it, private place is very expensive and also need time to find a right place), and he knew very well that only me is kind enough to do this for him, so he is urging me to do so

i dont know, she did not call me yesterday night to scold me, hope she just gave the cakes to others without opening it, othewise ......

thank you so much my friend, if i can get a chance to this wishign good luck place, for sure i gonna wish you the same
Oh that may be, that he is bringing you bad luck until you give him a right place to find his peace But your brother can't do that if he is more wealthy?

Hopefully it all went well

Yesterday we hardly found the place, it's very far away and we got lost, I think the didn't want us to arrive there. But we did so beautiful it's there

Roger lost Rafa lost a set, I hope Rafa can save this tourney now

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