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Originally Posted by DownInAHole View Post
Big fan of Sign 'O' the Times, eh? Now I am picturing you staring into a mirror singing "Hot Thing" and "U Got the Look" to yourself.

The cover of Chaos and Disorder is my avatar. It was one of his contractual obligation albums but it was also the first album of his that I heard so I have a soft spot for it. The first half is one of his most "rock" sides (lots of loud guitar). If you like "rock" Prince it is worth a listen. I missed out on him during the eighties and since I became a fan in 1996 that is an era I have a lot of love for even if it was kind of the beginning of the end. I'm curious, what was the last Prince album that you heard?

This may cause you to throw rotten fruit/vegetables at me but I have never heard a Talking Heads album. I have always meant to get into them but haven't managed it yet.

Would you have liked Self Portrait as a single album or is it unsalvageable to you? Kind of odd that New Morning sounds as cohesive as it does since it was partially made up of "rejects" from Self Portrait. The quality of the live disc is quite good, both in sound and performance. Two songs left and then it is on to the outtakes.
Self Portrait is unsalvageable for me. A single album would have been better just because it would mean there was less of it. I don't rank New Morning as one of his masterpieces, but it's definitely much better.

Emancipation is actually the last Prince album I bought.

Talking Heads is a band I got into relatively late. That is, I had a few of their albums and liked them ok when I listened to them. But they didn't stand out as big faves of mine and I even found David Byrne's voice kind of annoying. But a year or two ago they (for whatever reason) all of a sudden clicked with me and now I can't get enough of them. Bought all the albums I didn't yet have and even the concert dvd's.

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