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Re: US open Petra ate bagel instead of pizza

Originally Posted by *Jack* View Post
You're really a parody of a fan. She was sick, she struggled with humidity and couldn't even walk at the end of the second set and you are saying that the tennis won...
yeah be good 'ass kissing' fan and keep believing her bullshit with making excuses for the way she handles herself on the tennis court, she isn't the first nor the last player who played sick or struggles with condition but she's the only player who displays disgusting defeatist attitude on court every time she loses and always has full bag of excuses why she lost, also she's more and more succumbs to using shady mto\bathroom break tactics to make opponents 'cold' but why i'm surprised since she's a friend with bitchmayer. many players struggle with conditions or have health problem and if they're not fully fit to fight they retire before the match and sometimes skip few tournaments to get fully healthy, if they decide to play they're at least trying to fight and show an effort on court and some of them have fought thought tough matches while not being on top of the form or health, if they lose they're not trying to make same old excuses but Petra always does. there comes a time in players career when you need to stop making excuses start fighting and do something to change. she hasn't learned anything from last year when she overburned herself or done anything to change that.

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