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Re: Camila Giorgi Cheering Thread!!

Interview with Camila

Q. Well done tonight.
Q. What were you expecting going out onto Ashe for the first time for a night season with a former number 1?
CAMILA GIORGI: I mean, I wanted that. I mean, was my goal to be there. It was amazing to play there. For me, it's so nice. I never been there, so was really good.
Q. It's a very big court, a lot of fans, and the stands are full. How did you feel when you walked out on a court like that?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yeah, I love to play in this court. I mean, this was my impression.
Q. Did you feel like your focus was good out there tonight? I mean, you weren't making very many errors for how aggressive you were being.
CAMILA GIORGI: Yes, I was really focused, even if my first set wasn't really good. But after, I mean, I was focused every point. Then if I did mistakes, it's because for my game.
Q. What do you think were the main reasons you won?
CAMILA GIORGI: I think so I play better tactical maybe. I don't know (smiling).
Q. What were the tactics that you..
CAMILA GIORGI: Just when the ball came, just hit the ball in the corners (Laughter).
Q. When did you sense that the crowd was getting behind you?
CAMILA GIORGI: It was, I don't know, it was for me, never was bad. I think so was good. Even from the first set was really good, was good ambience.
Q. Did it help you having so many people clearly rooting for you?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yeah, of course. This helps a lot.
Q. How did that make you feel, playing in such a big stadium and having all those people behind you rooting for you?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yeah, yeah, for me, it was amazing. Really good.
Q. You have done well at the last two Grand Slams, but maybe not so well in the smaller tournaments. Is that because you get more motivated for the big tournaments?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yes, yes, especially that. And, I mean, the nine months passed you can count because I was injured was playing every tournament injury, so then I stopped for two months after Wimbledon this year. So this was my first tournament back, and I feel good now. My shoulder is good. So I'm happy for this reason, too.
Q. Are you surprised that you were able to come through qualifying and then beat a No. 1 like Wozniacki and go into the second week, or did you always know, I'm that good of a player?
CAMILA GIORGI: No, I think so. I mean, I was expecting. My first goal was to be in the top 100 and then to get back the confidence, because when you're not playing tournaments, I mean, you don't have this rhythm of the matches, so it's not easy. But after I think match after match I don't think too ahead.
Q. Did she play how you expected her to play?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yes. She was running and put every ball back.
Q. Some other Italian players, like Errani and Schiavone, do lots of fist pumps and are loud on the court. You're very, very quiet. Have you always been that way? Do you have to be quiet to keep focused?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yes, yes, I think so. I mean, I don't like to be too loud (smiling).
Q. Can you hear your father on court when he's cheering? He was cheering very loudly today.
CAMILA GIORGI: Yeah, of course. I always hear.
Q. Do you ignore him? Do you try not to look at him when he gets so excited?
CAMILA GIORGI: No, no, it's not that. I'm thinking I know he's always there, but it's not I don't I mean, many times I look at him.
Q. You got a violation for coaching. Was it hard to stay calm when this happened?
CAMILA GIORGI: No, at the moment you're not really happy, because I think so all do that. But everybody do that, so this is the fact. But you need to avoid. If not, you lose the match for one thing like this is not good.
Q. So you beat a top 6 player and you're going to be in the fourth round. How important this victory is for you? What does it mean?
CAMILA GIORGI: It's really, really good. This helps a lot to my confidence, and I hope to stay like this for the last week.

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