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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
still struggling with the belly pain and visit toilet frequently problem, managed to get an appointment with my doctor next Thursday, but tomorrow i gonna treat my mum, my sister and her daugther for a big buffet to celebrate the paid off of my mortgage and Sunday, gonna meet tour mates in Balkan Islands in a dim sum gathering, not sure whether I can eat that much

my boss is behaving not too bad these days

Well, they are getting older, and may not be able to get so many new roles

good news is that i read that yoru Roger is playing quite well at the us open, may be he can win it?

do you like Catherine Zeda Jones? I think she is more pretty than Gong and Zi Zi

thanks, you take care too
Hopefully you won't feel the pain anymore and can enjoy the Dim Sum meal with your friends

I like Catherine Zeta-Jones, I think she's very pretty, but apparently she has some psychological problems And Michael Douglas, who is divorcing her now, said in a newspaper he got throat cancer from licking too much her pussy

Thanx, I am enjoying the time here in Romania with my family and my friends. The weather is very nice and the food is delicious Hope I don't get too fat

Take care
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