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Re: Tennis Tipping Statistics Website

Originally Posted by Frederik View Post
what do you mean?

If you're adding a tournament (not the results, just the tournament) you have to enter the number of matches for each round (from the OOP). I think Evita wanted to add a feature that calculates the % of correct picks for each player. Like "Xepher has 65% correct picks in his TT career" etc.
Ah you were talking about that one, that never happened (but it really doesn't matter anyway )
W-L record is already enough tbrh


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Doubles (CHR#1) - Cincinnati 09 Hobart 16(w/Drake1980) ; Auckland Copenhagen 10 Palermo 11 Stuttgart Baku 12 Palermo 13 (w/Richie's) ; Monterrey 14 (w/Adrian.) USO 14 Moscow Hong Kong New Haven 15(w/Frederik) Prague Madrid 16 (w/Buitenzorg)
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