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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by ozza View Post
Zvonareva. They play reasonably similar games, but of course Zvonareva was better in her prime than Halep is right now.
Here's a list of Caro's forced points (winners plus forced errors) as a % of her opponent's for some matches this year and some older matches for comparison:

vs Pervak (2012 Brisbane): 68% (Caro 40 forced points, Pervak 59 forced points)
vs Kerber (2012 Indian Wells): 94% (Caro 59 forced points, Kerber 63 forced points)
vs Stephens (2013 New Haven): 73% (Caro 33 forced points, Stephens 45 forced points)
vs Halep (2013 New Haven): 67% (Caro 30 forced points, Halep 45 forced points)

vs Zvonareva (2010 Montreal 1st set): 170% (Caro 17 forced points, Zvonareva 10)
vs Zvonareva (2010 US Open): 79% (Caro 30 forced points, Zvonareva 38 forced points)
vs Zvonareva (2010 Beijing): 106% (Caro 53 forced points, Zvonareva 50 forced points)
vs Zvonareva (2010 YEC 1st set): 143% (Caro 33 forced points, Zvonareva 23 forced points)
vs Clijsters (2010 YEC): 91% (Caro 64 forced points, Clijsters 70 forced points)
vs Jankovic (2011 Dubai): 105% (Caro 40 forced points, Jankovic 38 forced points)
vs Zvonareva (2011 Doha): 89% (Caro 48 forced points, Zvonareva 54 forced points)

I don't have an accurate winners & unforced errors total for the whole match against Zvonareva in Montreal and their whole match at the YEC. If anybody has these totals please share them. It'd be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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