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Originally Posted by turt
Well, as far as I know, apart from Serena and Venus, the other top players were healthy during the summer hardcourt season. Who knows what would have happened "if"?

Anyway, the only thing I'm trying to say here is you're wrong when you say "Nobody crowned Serena as the best player", because a lot of people on this board did. Maybe she is, but I want to see her beat all the top 5 before I admit Serena's the best (I don't think I'll have to ). Until there, Justine is still the best thing since sliced bread

BTW Elena wasn't the same player as she is now, neither was Justine...
But the players ranked ahead of Juju: Serena and Venus...the ones who DOMINATED the hardcourts since ´99, weren´t there. The other players were never a factor on hardcourts. Besides, Justine hasn´t even taken a set off Serena on non-clay surfaces anyway, so I don´t know what you wanna imply.

We will see who´s the best...luckily for Justine it´s the clay-season now, but I´ll wait for judgement after wimbledon....

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