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Re: Jane Lane Lurks at USO 2K13 - Qualies Day 1!

I got to the grounds really early today, so I walked around and a bunch of people were practicing. Stumbled upon a TF miffedmax favorite on Court 9.....

Larsson was hitting with I think Johansson (all my pics of her came out crap, but I'm pretty sure it was her) and they were having fun. Lots of smiles and Swedish.

Walked around a bush when I heard a very distinctive sound. Walked to the practice courts and....

Was shocked Vika was practicing on P5, figured she'd be on a stadium or something. She drew a pretty big crowd. Sam was doing this drill with her where he stood in the middle of the court and bounced balls right at her feet that she'd have to hit on the rise. Lots of serving practice too.

Also on the practice courts this morning, Wickmayer, Lepchenko and Venus. This woman thought Lepchenko was Kerber because "they have the same body type." Also, no one knew Venus was there because she was on P1 which is furthest away from the fence and it's like impossible to take pictures. I didn't even see her until some lady was like "Wait, is that Venus all the way down there." I don't know what time she got there because I only saw her hit like two forehands and then she left.

Aleksandra Krunic vs. Carina Witthoeft - from 42* Krunic in the first

First off, Krunic is even smaller in person than I thought she was. She's so precious and such a character though. Really gave it her all. At one point in the second set, she had a short FH that she missed well long on game point and she just turned to her camp with a sarcastic thumbs up. She was awesome on the run, was getting so many balls back and was generally just frustrating Carina, and Aleks hitting a winner when she got the chance. As for Witthoeft, I can see why she's sort of promising but I can also see why KDK beat her in 42 minutes at Wimbledon. Inconsistent, had a bad serving day and not a great attitude either.

Late in the first set, Aleks dove for a volley and ended up on the court. She called the trainer at the end of that set, I guess just because of some scrapes or something because she didn't look inhibited in the second set at all. There were two really amazing rallies in the second set - in the first one, Wittheoft hit three overheads that Krunic got back and then she hit a swinging volley into the other corner off of which Aleks hit a BH passing shot winner; the second one was another long rally and Carina thought she hit a BHDTL winner so she stopped running and Aleks tracked it down and hit a FH slice on the run into the open court.

Bit of an annoying moment came in the middle of the second, when these people were waiting behind the chain to come in and were complaining that they had to wait for a change of ends. After Krunic held for 31*, they were like "Can we come in NOW?" and this guy was talking to his kids and saying "I don't understand why we have to wait it seems so silly." And I'm just like, I'mma need Engzell to come here and lay down the law for these people after yesterday.

Provided it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'm planning on sticking around for her vs. Gavrilova which is last on 16 because that could be hilarious. /munchkins

Tamaryn Hendler vs. Kristyna Pliskova - from 22* in the first

I can see why people were high on Hendler a while ago. She has all the foundations to be a top 100 player imo, solid technique on serve and off the ground. It's a shame she's had all the injuries but I think she was just happy to be back out there. She was smiling a lot, waving at people in the crowd The score is a little rough on her tbh. Kris Plis is Kris Plis. Bombing serves and she just came up against someone who's not match fit and as a result, slower than she is. Not a lot of brainless errors from her though which was good to see. Really liked her kit though. Peak is so underrated.

More to come...

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