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Re: Nick Symmonds, silver medallist in 800m, dedicates medal to gay people

Originally Posted by ys View Post
It did most likely mean nothing. People from the sportswomen camps say so. Besides, again, to clarify, if you are not familiar Russian cultural take on this...
In Russian culture same-sex kissing is not considered sexual ( and that's actually an illustration of LGBT elements traditionally never even considered any significant part of life in Russia ) . Women casually kiss each other when friends meet. Men kissing in similar circumstances is totally normal. Russian communist leaders kissing each other or foreign leaders ( the anecdotal reference of Brezhnev trying to kiss Carter at their 76 summit is actually true story ) was something we all loao...
So kissing is no big deal. But partner-like gestures , like walking hand-in-hand is much more of a taboo.
Kissing lips-to-lips between two women or two men is normal in Russia?

Originally Posted by ys View Post
That's how it is. I believe some other Eastern European countries (F. Yugoslavia ) and some eastern countries ( Turkey, some Arab countries ) have similar culture of non-sexual male-to-male kissing being widespread. But in many of them showing any sexual affection for same sex couple would not be an advisable thing to do
In Ex-Yu it's normal to casually kiss with friends but on the cheek not lips-to-lips

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