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Re: Nutty meets nutty JJ.. my "JJ in Cincy" thread

Set 1:

JJ started set 1 by getting broken and was shaky during her first few service games, as she served about 2 DFs per service game. She was starting to get really cranky and started taking it out on her poor brother

One thing I've noticed is that when JJ is not playing well, but really wants to win, she starts cussing and screaming etc. She did fight really hard though, saving two set points with some incredible rallies and hanging on to force a TB. Lisicki was annoying her with her dropshots and JJ kept missing all the drop shots that Lisicki hit in set 1. There was a 20+ point rally at 4-4 in the tiebreak that ended with an incredible drop shot winner by JJ. Lisicki then went on to hit a swing volley winner, but could not hang on in the rally in the next two points and dropped the set. As luck would have it, I was sitting next to a lady who was cheering Sabine on really loudly, screaming "ah wow, oh wow Sabina, Sabina"

Some things I noticed about JJ's game after set 1:
Her volleys look really solid, even her FH volleys
She has replaced her BH swing volley with the traditional knifing volleys, which made her lose some points at the net
She has starting running around her BH and hitting the inside out FH shot which was actually really effective against Lisicki

Set 2 was quite a flop. She was down 1-4 and then played an impressive game to break serve and served for the match at 5-4. She was up 30-0 and hit a wide serve and got a short reply to the FH, which she missed (clipped the net). I expected her to give up and fall apart, but she was fighting throughout the match, which was so impressive.

She was cussing and screaming in Serbian and throwing a hissy fit after nearly every point, even when she won the point... Some one in the crowd was like "translation please".

Set 3:
Sabine gifted her the opening break, but after that JJ really stepped up her game. Up 2-0 she was fighting for the second break of serve. Lisicki hit a shot that JJ thought was out at BP for 3-0. Since there is no hawk-eye, JJ started complaining and asked the umpire to come down and look at the mark on the hardcourt. She just sat down on the court.

JJ quote of the day
Arguing with chair umpire about the line call while sitting on the court " his (linesman) cap is too long and is blocking his vision, or his glasses are too dark and he can't see properly.

The game at 1-3 was incredible, she hit 5 winners, including 3 volley winner and a FH volley to break serve. After her first sing volley winner, someone in the crowd told her "nice to finally see you smiling" to which she replied "yes, at last I hit the ball back into court on the volley".. She did get broken at 4-2, but bounced back breaking for 5-2. She served out the match really well, a BH passing shot winner, some first serve winners and the match was hers. She was really happy to get through the match.

By the end of the match, she had figured out Sabine's dropshots, hitting a winner off a drop shot to break for 5-2. She was initially getting intimidated on her serve by Lisicki, who was cracking the second serves for winners, but towards the end started getting more first serves in.





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