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Re: All Other Romanian Girls Thread

Originally Posted by Tennis Fool View Post
50KH Craiova.

20 y.o. Ingrid-Alexandra Radu (#1081)
16 y.o. Ana Bianca Mihaila (#1183)
20 y.o. Ana Mihaila Vladutu (HR #57)
17 y.o. Irina Fetecau (NR #63)
19 y.o. Andreea Istrate
Update after QR1:
Istrate fell to #2 Ines Ferrer-Suarez, 0 and 1.
Mihaela fell to Raluca Elena Platon, 4 & 4.
Fetecau fell to Silvia Njiric, 4 & 0.
Vladutu has yet to play.
Radu upset #5 Lisanne Van Riet, 57 64 62 She is now 2-0 against her. Faces Vivien Juhaszova in round 2. Radu is 0-1 against her.

is coming for your towel, too.

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