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Re: German Amateur Tennis League and LK-Tournament Thread - Season 2013 - Vol. 1

I played our local "city championchips event" or whatever you might call it. Conditions were grueling today. First tournament with my new racquet, I now use the Yonex VCore Tour 97. Am pretty satisfied, just serving needs much more improvement, espacially second serves.

I was the second seed, but I have to say my opponents played much better than their very low Leistungsklasse. First round I won 6-3 7-5, I had a good patch from 2-2 to 6-3 3-0, then was down 3-4 and was still able to close it out.

Second round I played against a much older player, a guy who had done triathlon and was super-fit. He almost didn't miss and although he had a weak BH, he was so quick to run around it very often. I was able to pick on his serves though and hit many FH winning returns. Sadly, I started pretty badly and was down 1-4. Despite getting back to 4-5 and having a BP the set was gone quickly after that. Second set was great, I won 6-2. And I have to say I hate match TBs, I lost it 5-10. There was a controversial call at 4-4 and I said "was it out" and he got furious after that. I never saw a reaction like that and it did affect me TBH. I lost 5-10.
That guy had LK 11 before though (I have 14 now), so the result is still okay I think.



Thank you for all these moments over the last years! Supported you until your final point!
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