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Re: Your tennis results?!

For my tennis lesson today, my coach and I played part of a match. I didn't win any game . I've practiced my serve so hard this week but couldn't get a first serve in today . Also I barely moved. I'd serve or hit a shot and then just stand there . So retarded.

I came up with a few shots though. Like a DTL backhand on a second serve return. Also I played a good point where I opened up a DTL forehand to finish (historically a bad shot for me) and I nailed it . I think I cut it pretty fine (landed just inside the line I think) but with that and the BH return winner it's a great feeling when you make a good shot you actually wanted to hit and it's not just luck .

I hit some other really good deep returns but my movement was so bad I couldn't really reap the benefit . Basically groundstrokes were good, but serve and movement atrocious. Oh well. I was thinking I was ready for clubs again but I so need to do some more work first .

I'm feelin' they jealous, like I'm Monica Seles.


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