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Re: The "self-discovery" thread

Originally Posted by Sam21 View Post
that would've been sick! did you work or anything while you were over there? yeah Fiji was pretty cool, just really chilled. we stayed near Sigatoka on the coral coast. the only bad thing was drinking kava, it tasted like dirt and made us feel drunk please tell me you tried it?? oh yeah and people that invite you into their shop and then force you to buy everything in it, that got annoying. what did you think of Fiji?
I didn't work over there, I just worked my arse off before I went so I didn't have to.

I liked kava!! It didn't taste great but the sensation was so cool It's like numbing and makes you so relaxed. I've been trying to find some in Australia. I tried it a couple of times, at a village and in town.

Yeah it's just a really laid back place, I didn't really have that problem. I was around Nadi. I worst thing was our drivers nearly hitting all the people walking on the road in the dark. Everything else was good if you just want to sit back and relax.
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