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Originally Posted by Hele. View Post
Why you are so strict to Ana? Come on, she is not perfect! She is human after all. But CHILD! Where oscillations are more often than with older people. + She has injury. Maybe at some days it hurts her more and sometimes less. There can be zillion reasons of playing bad at some day. Also, Donna who has never achieved anything similar like Ana in juniors was telling she lost motivation when she started to compete in seniors. And Ana is already better than her in seniors in same age. But Ana was NUMBER 1 and HAS GRAND SLAM TITLE (for Donna was best result QF of grand slam at juniors)! And is better in seniors so far too! So...maybe she just lost motivation for this tournament and that is it.
can't see Ana lost motivation, there has to be something else. What's the point of playing if you don't want to, it's not like she's getting money for juniors (especially as she plays doubles also). Sure there are a zillion reasons for playing badly on a day, but (judging unfortunately mostly from the scores and not live streams) it looks to me she has a lot of those (still 'cause of her superior potential and a great fighting spirit she mostly comes on top, but that still doesn't make it a good play). Of course she's a child but she's playing other children who some time ago wouldn't stand a chance, and now she's losing and we're talking bagles and breadsticks here. Probably i massively overestimated her and that's why it looks i'm strict (frankly the only loss i expected this year were against Radwanska sisters and Polona). If i didn't see such a huge potential i wouldn't be so disappointed every time (that's why i'm not so upset when Donna loses, i don't have such a big expectations there). And what's up with her serve it should be a decent weapon from what i've seen and it looks more like a liability lately, she's losing her serve easily left and right. If it's the injury than stop playing and fix it, but as it looks that there'll be no surgery i'll have to assume the injury is no longer an issue.
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