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Re: The "self-discovery" thread

Originally Posted by Sam21 View Post
haha i thought Dani was a girl too anyway i just followed everyone on twitter, so you better all follow me back

so about myself, i live in Tasmania up the top which is pretty boring. i'm 19 and a male if anyone was unsure. i'm currently having a gap year, mainly because i have no idea what i want to do at uni, but i'll probably go next year anyway whether i know or not. so at the moment i'm just working at a discount shop where most of the customers are bogans

i used to play tennis a fair bit more than i do now. i think i peaked when i was 16 and have plateaued since... my serve is shit house and i can't volley or slice or hit very hard so i've got quite a limited game! i've played tennis for ages but i was only a casual fan until about 2009 when i discovered there were more tournaments beyond the slams and the Australian summer. nerdiest tennis thing i've ever done... i guess how i always used to have the live scores app on at school and just stare at it rather than doing any work. and one time last year i stayed back all lunch so i could watch a match on my laptop from the US Open..... qualifying
Followed back!

I'm used to it now

You should totally travel! It's the best thing about gap years. Man I love Tasmania, I'd go back there any day and happily live there.
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