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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Steffi pulled out of the Canadian Open due to a scheduling fiasco, leaving some people very irate. I'm undecided whether this was a classic case of the WTA promising something they know they won't/can't deliver, or whether some person or persons were trying to get Steffi to play a crazy schedule --the Canadian Open followed immediately by Mahwah followed immediately by the U.S. Open, not quite two weeks off, the Seoul Olympics-- in the hopes of derailing the bid for the Grand Slam and the Grafs refused to be played like that. (I don't think I'm being overly suspicious about the latter option, given certain things that would happen during the 1988 USO and by Navratilova's scheduling plot, seemingly aided and abetted by the WTA, for early 1989, which was so blatant the Graf camp had to publicly call them on it. Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.)

Meanwhile, in Germany, Steffi has reportedly had a mishap involving a dog fight and her right hand. Whether Max was really the cause or whether this was one of her "motorcycle misadventures" or the result of general klutziness is unknown. Steffi, if you really skidded out on a motorbike or caught your finger in a door, clear the dog's name!

Steffi will play
Hamburger Abendblatt
July 20, 1988
No. 167, Page 12

Hamburg - World ranked number one Steffi Graf confirmed her start at the $200,000 Citizens Cup women's tennis tournament at Hamburg's Rothenbaum club. Tournament director Heinz Brenner received the report that "The doctor gave the green light," after the announcement that the Wimbledon champion was bitten by her shepherd dog Max at her hometown of Brühl. Steffi Graf had wanted to intervene in a quarrel between her dog and a cocker spaniel.

The wild cards for the Hamburg tournament will be awarded to the up-and-coming players Katharina Düll (Berlin), Steffi Menning (Augsburg) und Tanja Weigl (Landshut).

Hamburger Abendblatt · Nr. 167 vom 20.07.1988 · Seite 12
Steffi Graf spielt

ra Hamburg - Die Weltranglisten-Erste Steffi Graf hat ihren Start beim Damen-Tennisturnier um den Citizen Cup (200 000 Dollar) am Hamburger Rothenbaum bestätigt. Turnierchef Heinz Brenner erhielt nach der Meldung, die Wimbledonsiegerin sei in ihrer Heimatstadt Brühl von ihrem Schäferhund Max gebissen worden, die Nachricht: "Der Arzt hat grünes Licht gegeben." Steffi Graf hatte den Streit ihres Hundes mit einem Cokkerspaniel schlichten wollen.

Die Wild Cards für das Hamburger Turnier wurden an die Nachwuchsspielerinnen Katharina Düll (Berlin), Steffi Menning (Augsburg) und Tanja Weigl (Landshut) vergeben.
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