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Originally Posted by Rollo
Shriver comments on Evonne's default in Melbourne in her book Passing Shots. "Evonne..has messed up more tournaments in Australia with defaults and early loses. Yesterday she defaulted with a bad foot. I don't know why she she bothers entering because she is not really a threat to win matches after two years away from competition. I guess she plays mostly for her business intersts in Australia. ......One year she played the Australian summer tour 4 months pregnant, another time she got sick, held up her first round match for two days, then defaulted. This time she's played only one match and she's defaulted again. That kind of business can't be good for tennis."
I think her heart was in it, and she was desperate to continue her career, but from the time she gave birth in '77 to the time she officially retired her body kept breaking down on her... and it only got worse in the early 80s.
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