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Re: 2013 ESPY's: Serena wins! (Vika and Pova pics inside)

Originally Posted by Pawcio765 View Post
Well I didn't know that he has a wealthy daddy, a music producer. Yeah... he's so hard working, the music company picked him because he's so talented.

You are saying that he's wealthy... so basically he's spoiled, dad made him a popular pop star. That's freaking obvious!

Well we all know that money don't make you happy after all, maybe Americans don't think like that. He will be older, without kids, with a girl younger twenty years than him, who doesn't love him just his money.

A beautiful life

That's my opinion and I can say it. I will never understand how those dumb so called "celebrities" are so much loved in the US. Bunch of idiots without any knowledge about a real life. They are competing who's going to make something more stupid and the more stupid their behavior is the more Americans love them.
No doubt you can state your opinion. And from reading yours, I can state that w/o wildly generalized assuming, on your part, you wouldn't have an opinion, as my opinion.

I like the guy's music, and that's as far as my "love" goes.

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