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Re: 2013 ESPY's: Serena wins! (Vika and Pova pics inside)

Originally Posted by T-rex View Post
Maria Sharapova is beautiful. Any person posting here would be etnernally grateful to have a spouse as beautiful as she. And as a fan of Serena, I certainly understand the difference between an athletic body and standard body. I am also aware of the unfair pressure women face with regard to this issue, that men NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS DEAL WITH.

However, you can't look at that picture and tell me that something doesn't appear odd with her shoulders. This is something commonly talked about. I am hardly the first WTA fan to bring it up. Its possible its genetic. Or maybe its the result of years of athletic dedication. Or maybe it is injury related. But I believe most would admit looking at that picture that her shoulder structure is different from what you would find among the other players on the WTA tour, never mind society in general.

Maybe watch more players. Like Wickmayer, Petkovic.
But I know, in the days when somebody scrubby like Radwanska gets an "nude athletic photoshot", its hard to believe there are much finer specimen.

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