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Re: 2013 ESPY's: Serena wins! (Vika and Pova pics inside)

Originally Posted by Nehellenia. View Post
Quite sad for the sport that a person perpetuating rape culture gets so much recognition. #badpress #badforthesportsimage
Ms. Williams never perpetuated rape culture. She made some statements that were offensive to many people but many others understood her point. She never said that rape was acceptable, she just stated that young women should not be getting drunk to the point of unconsciousness nor should they be taking drinks from strangers - all sound advice.

Perhaps her wording left something to be desired and allowed for misinterpretation, but the point was sound. Rape is wrong and should not happen, as is robbery, but we still lock our doors. This is 2013, a time when we are all aware of the perils of drinking and the danger of rape, not 1952 when such things were not discussed. Youth is often a deterrent to wise decision making and that is understandable, but let us not villainize someone for having an opinion that many should adopt.

As for the result being bad for tennis, well, the best tennis player in the world being acknowledged as such seems rather appropriate and it was a public ballot so I think those most invested in the award show were pleased with the outcome.
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