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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

Originally Posted by Oizo View Post
Really I thought they are angels

What did the doctor say, what could that be?

Try to make yourself a tea of onions, I heard that tea of onions is very very good for persistant cough
well, my dear friend, you are too kind so you always think of others to be as kind as you, but in reality it is not . If you are not a person of ambition and have strong passiion to "show off" and to get fame and monies, how would you chose being an actor . Lots of competition in the entertainment industry, if you are an angel, you can't survivie

the doctor said my respiratory system is getting sensitive, so i would easily get a cough since the air is so polluted in Hong Kong. But i won't visit him any more, his medicines failed to cure me. I am now visiting Chinese doctor instead. Or may be, if i gonna do a trip overseas, my cough will be recovered since the air in Europe will be much cleaner

tea of onions? Haven't heard of it, I may have a try, thank you

how is your job? I hope you gonna get lots of time

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

Ennis and Jack found something most people don't ever find in this life...true love, the deepest, purest, most beautiful thing in the universes. Ennis and Jack have TRUE LOVE. They are SOULMATES. They have a love so deep, so pure, so strong, that it transcends everything, it's eternal.

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