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Re: Polona Hercog Cheering Thread vol2

backhand slice error 0-15
lob error 15-15 when crowd thinks it's a winner all quiet, when they know it's out loud applause
forced error 15-30 loud C'MON
forehand error 30-30 crowd loud again
forehand winner 40-30
forehand winner 40-40
smash winner AD Hercog
forehand error 40-40 2-6 4-6
forehand error AD Hercog use it use it use it
return error 40-40
dropshot winner AD Hercog
return error 40-40 Forza on errors like that? classy
backhand error AD Vinci
forehand error GAME Vinci Vinci must be the most annoying person ever. she looks like that too ofc


Bleh, over now.
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