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Re: Female inmates sterilized without approval

Originally Posted by stromatolite View Post
Fine. Since you don't care what I think, I feel no compunction about telling you that I completely agree with Helen Lawson: that you are a petty-minded, hypocritical and really quite nasty piece of work, who so likes to portray yourself as compassionate and caring that you rustle up a cheesy fake pic to spice up your second-hand post about a sensational news story that you pretend to care about. You were apparently afraid the words alone wouldn't get you enough pats on the back from gullible souls who fall for garbage like this.

The true extent of your compassion for your fellow man becomes immediately visible when somebody has the audacity to call you on tripe like this. Your knee-jerk reaction in situations like this is to reach into your bag of sleazy and offensive insults and let rip.

Really nice to be able to get that off my chest in the knowledge that you don't care anyway. If you did, I would probably have kept most of this to myself.
Okay, and the above should affect me how, Mr. Lawson's pal (Personal Ass Licker)?

Edit: And oh yeah, ignoramus, click the link. The pic is part of the article, not something I added later, idiot.

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