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Re: Female inmates sterilized without approval

I hope you people who were so taken aback and outraged by the treatment Marion Bartoli received outside of TF are paying attention to those same elements here within TF.
Originally Posted by JN View Post
Nearly 150 female inmates sterilized in Calif. without approval

Originally Posted by Helen Lawson View Post
Truly amazing they had the foresight to take a photo of the women waiting to be sterilized!
Originally Posted by Helen Lawson View Post
Wait a minute. Women don't wear pink uniforms in California.
Originally Posted by plantman View Post
as Sam Davis said..............

"How dare they cut into the future Democrat voter base".....
Cuz if you let this pass w/o the same passionate replies of disgust, you're as phony and full of shit as the two posters quoted above below me.

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