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Re: New Big West - 2012-13

Originally Posted by gouci View Post
Well the bigger question is never how many Long Beach St. adds but how many of those will end up quitting the team.

For instance last season Long Beach St. added 4 players 3 of which will likely quit the team.

2012-13 = 75% quitting rate

1. Eva Rodriguez De Las Her - quit team & quit tennis
2. Anne Sophie Willems - quit team & quit tennis
3. Hazuki Onaga - likely to quit team walk on
4. Ebba Unden

2011-12 = 50% quitting rate

1. Laura Bernard - quit team & quit tennis
2. Karolina Rozenberg

Onaga is a walk on .... are you gonna start a string on walk ons that quit.... been a few at 2ndplacevine... and about 1/4 dozen each year at UCLA over the years.

The girls that play at LB ... whether they left or not.. graduate college ... except for one that I hear may not continue in school back at home. Even those that have given up tennis and returned home graduate. Seems to me that's the goal.

It's sad you pick on a really nice girl. Whether she continues or not really is none of our business, particularly as she is a walk on. But to your critique... she is a walk on (with a twice surgically repaired knee).

Ultimately, you just sound BITTER ... maybe because UCI would EIGHT more Big West titles in 12 years if they didn't finish 2nd to LB those years.

But I do vaguely recall proclamations from you in the past such as:
- LB will be done when Grady graduates (that's 3 tourney and 4 BW titles ago)
- LB will be done when their # 1, # 2 and # 3 graduate (in 2012).... whoops... how did that turn out?

What are your thoughts on 2013-14?

Final thought: HERE WE GO BEACH!

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