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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Okay, I'm looking for help from Brits or ANYONE who can offer the slightest whiff of logic to the following:

First of all, it's clear that Stacy Allaster is paying almost ZERO attention to the official WTA website and how it's embarrassing the organization on an almost daily basis.Today was the THIRD F--KING TIME that they featured some inbred,dumbass reporter asking a player if she was a fan of Simon Cowell's bacterial infection on the scrotum of the music world, Numb Erection(N.E.).

Maybe the FIRST time you could chalk that up to tabulating the silly questions that were asked at pressers...but the SECOND time they asked Serena and Sharapova who, last time I checked, were WELL over 13 years of age.Actually, I can't speak for the UK or US where the fans' age range might extend well into the late twenties but, here in Mexico, it's about 12 to 15...after which most all Mexican girls begin lusting after ADULT male celebrities.It's sort of a disgrace for mature gals to lust after juvenile dickheads like N.E., sort of like a 40-year-old woman slobbering over Justin Bieber(no offense meant,Justin)'s something you'd be utterly ashamed to admit in public.

Isn't the whole idea behind "40 Love" the empowerment of women, thanks to BJK and other women's tennis pioneers??...and respecting them as much more than pretty faces and sex objects??If so, then WTF is the WTA doing in reducing its players to horny,immature adolescents(which,sad to say, a few of them act like) by asking them if they're avid for such childish, shallow garbage??That makes NO F--KING SENSE to me, whatsoever.To follow up on the almost complete indifference shown by Serena and Maria, Kaia Kanepi was the recipient of the latest edition of the thoroughly stupid question, to which she replied, "Who's THAT?"(Kaia ).

Like I posted above, if ANYone can figure that mess out, then your input will be most welcome.As for YOU, Stacy A., if you're content with robbing the WTA's shareholders every time that you collect your salary, then just keep doing exactly what you're doing.However, if you truly care about the WTA's image with fans, then WAKE THE FUCK UP! and find someone besides your teenaged, barn-raised nephew to run the WTA website...preferably someone with at least a modicum of editing skills

Has estado un chupapija por los banqueros y imperialistas tras ocho años; ahora puedes bajar en tus rodilleras en tu tiempo libre, cobarde marica:

WTA suffering from Dementieva withdrawal, a lack of true queens

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