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I think that right there is the saddest of what we all missed out on. Austin & Evert at Roland Garros. I'm seeing an 8-6 in the third that no one ever takes out of their VCRs. (Tracy's good record against Chris was almost all indoors, which--as I've mentioned a lot in threads--was Chris' worst surface by 4 times any other, including grass.)

I don't think Tracy would have won that meeting if it had occurred in 1981; Evert had just finished bashing Navratilova 6-0 6-0 at Amelia Island a few weeks prior. Ironically, Hana took Chris out of the FO that year in what was probably Hana's best match ever, but when Hana played in that dream-state she would get into, I'm not sure anyone could beat her. I would love to see goolagong in her dream-state vs. hana in her dream-state... it usually didnt last past 3 games, but sometimes, yes, a whole match.

The terrible thing with Austin is just that we can't know. Chris was slumping in general in 79 and 80, so she wasn't at her best anyway (just got married; had other distractions, and maybe was havng a let down from spending 6 or 7 years at #1 and looking for new motivation). But case in point, actually is Hana. At the 81 Wimbledon, everyone predicted she'd beat Chris in the final. And they also talked a lot about how many Hana would win in the future because her future ws so bright. This was felt by everone at the time based on hana's first 2 or 3 years of big results, that she was a meteor about to illuminate the sky in just a few more strides. But those strides never came. She was always a fine player, near the top, but didnt fill in the blanks to true greatness. Tracy was remarkable. REEEEEmarkable. But motivations, outside-career distractions, and the degree to which the 'new kid on the block' makes a big splash but begins to be 'read' a lot quicker by the established top players...all these things play a factor.

To suggest anyone can predict what might've been is too far a leap for anyone war-worn enough to have seen the battles with 'fame' in every field, sport & otherwise.
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